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About Atheris

So what is this snake obsessed brand all about? How did it come to be? Is the answer to life, the universe and everything truly 42? Read below to find out.

My goal has always been to highlight and celebrate Atheris as a brand as unique as I aspire to be, as a story driven powerhouse, and as an experience driven company that makes our customers go “hissss” (that’s the sound of a happy snake).
Andrew Birkett, Chief Storyteller
Atheris Entertainment

How it all began

As cliché as it sounds, it all started with an idea. A trading card game based on automotive racing called Holeshot Heroes, that never came to be (more on that later), which set us on a path that has led us here.  
While developing that first game and attending the University of Florida, the original founders (Andrew Russell Birkett, Charles “Chuck” Call and Barry Congressi) entered and won numerous business plan competitions. Though, ultimately market changes and financial resources led to a pause on Holeshot Heroes. We pivoted to another game instead, originally a war game, that turned into an assault on neighbors based on a story Andrew wrote. This game ended up being our first product to market, Cul-De-Sac Conquest, which successfully funded on Kickstarter at the end of 2015.

When naming the company we decided upon Atheris, which is Latin for the Bush Viper, a poisonous, albeit beautiful snake native to sub-Saharan Africa (you might have seen it in our logo). This name is an homage to that first game, Holeshot Heroes, as it was the name given to the first car we had designed for the game.
Since that first Kickstarter we’ve been hooked on creating products with storytelling at their forefront. Barry and Chuck have since pursued other endeavors, but their contributions helped develop the company into what it is today.

We’re still here creating story driven board games, card games, graphic novels, comic books and merchandise for our fellow geeks.

Our Ethos

Our mission at its heart is based on providing an everlasting experience for our customers. Whether it be the joy of an obnoxious comic that makes you laugh too hard, or the communal experience of sharing a game with those you love most or maybe even the cuddles under a warm blanket – we just want to make you happy. Maybe we’re naïve, but we think spreading a little joy can change the world.

Our Promise

We promise that we’ll make mistakes, we’ll fail, and that we’ll try. We’ll try to make products that get you to smile. We’ll try to make products that tell compelling stories. We’ll try to create things we wish where in the market. We’ll try to be different. And we’ll try to make the world just a little bit better – one smile at a time.

Working Together

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