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Whether you’re a seasoned fan or this is your first interaction with us, we just want to say we’re happy to have you here! We’re nerds at heart and storytellers by nature. We have a wide assortment of products and services available including board games, comic books and merchandise. Click the button below to learn more about our products.


Ruins of Mars

Ruins of Mars is an action selection, engine builder with a unique shifting resource mechanism that makes each action vary turn-by-turn. It plays 1-4 players (ages 14+) in 60-90 minutes. Players are explorers searching the ruins. They seek to discover Martian technologies, decipher their complex languages and ultimately to accomplish more in their time on Mars than their rival explorers.  

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We recently released our latest product line for blankets with board game inspired designs and some snazzy socks. Stay warm in style, grace your game room with some added décor and shield yourself from your friend’s nightmarishly cold play space. If you missed the campaign, pre-order our new merchandise by clicking the link below.

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Atheris Entertainment is a multimedia entertainment company focused on storytelling through the creation of tabletop games, comic books, graphic novels, and merchandise. We’re passionate storytellers, creative entrepreneurs and honorary geeks. You might have seen our projects on Kickstarter, where we’ve been fortunate enough to fund several campaigns for a total of over $100,000 raised on the platform.

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